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Flag Assist decreases damage to the edge of the cup while making it simpler for players to retrieve their ball.

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The only system permitted under the rules of golf.

USGA Decision: #2020-0142


Flag Stick Stays Straight

Keep flag stick centered and evenly placed in cup in any condition. 

Fits All Regulation Flagsticks

Simply attaches onto all regulation flagsticks, even tapered flagsticks. 

Increased Daily Revenue

Players can play without removing the pin or flagstick each round, speeding up play and increasing bookings.

We're here to assist

Flag Assist utilizes a temporary modification to standard pins that allows players to lift the entire pin for ball removal.

Recently in daily play, the USGA has authorized golfers to putt from the green with the flagstick in place instead of requiring its removal. This has shifted the way amateur and professional golfers are playing - they can now use the pin as an element of play.

However, the repeated removal of the ball from a cup with the pin in place can deform the surrounding turf. It can cause the cup to shift, as well as dome the earth surrounding the cup.

Flag Assist allows players to lift the ball clear simply by lifting the entire pin. This means they won't need to use external tools that could damage the green.

A Golfing Innovation that Changes the Game

Flag Assist is easily used by any professional or amateur green and can be utilized with existing regulation flagsticks.


No Need for Players to Consistently Bend Over to Retrieve Balls


Eliminates Turf-Damaging Graspers, Suction Cups, & Other Tools


Affixes to Regulation Flags for Use As Needed & Can Be Removed


Supports the Standard Flag Within the Cup to Reduce Swaying or Tilting

These are the courses who already use Flag Assist!

  • Colonial (Charles Schwab Challenge)
  • Oak Hills GC
  • Medalist GC
  • Waverley CC
  • Willamette Valley CC
  • Oregon Golf Course
  • Arrowhead CC
  • Shadow Hills CC
  • TPC Harding Park (PGA Championship)
  • Winged Foot GC (US Open)
  • Tehama GC (Clint Eastwood)
  • Roaring Fork Club
  • TPC Boston
  • Travis Pointe CC
  • Indian Hills GC
  • Rock Creek Cattle Company
  • Whistling Straits GC (Ryder Cup)
  • Country Club of the Rockies
  • Sakonnet GC
  • Suncadia Resort
  • Trump International GC
  • Boca Grove Golf & Tennis Club
  • Meadow Springs CC
  • The Retreat, Links & Spa at Silvies Valley Ranch

North America alone has 51% of the world's golf courses. If you are interested in bringing Flag Assist to a course near you to help improve player efficiency and reduce turf damage, we would love to hear from you. Please email us at to inquire about event sponsorships or partnerships. 

Book More Rounds

Flag Assist can increase player efficiency and speed of play for rounds of golf.

Without the constant, inefficient removal and replacement for pins during each play, golfers can speed up their playing time.  Players themselves no longer need to bend over to retrieve the ball.

  • Eliminates the need to bend for ball retrieval
  • Increase the number of rounds players can complete by increasing game speed

"Our members have been really excited about Flag Assist’s receiver cups. The cup itself and the surrounding turf around the hole (on the putting green) hold up for daily play much better vs when we didn’t have the cups.

Also, the majority of the members think it’s very convenient to not have to bend over to retrieve the ball each time the ball is holed."

— Mike Raschko

PGA, Willamette Valley

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