Our patented Ball Retrieval System was developed to allow players to effortlessly lift the ball clear of the cup, simply by lifting the pin. Our product is also the only system allowed by the USGA. 

In addition to allowing ease of ball retrieval, the beauty of this product is it will prevent damage to the turf surrounding the cup and the cup itself, reduce the number of pin replacements needed, and it improves speed of play.

 It attaches from the bottom of the ferrule with no need to remove the flag, is repositionable if needed (in the up position for COVID 19), is made of high quality material and made to last.

We back our product with a one-year free replacement part warranty.


In addition to protecting your greens & improving speed of play, our product is customizable. With removable inserts that can be printed in full color, a course can add high class branding inside the cup. This is a great opportunity to add custom messaging for events, tournaments, and holidays to name a few.


Our system can be found on golf courses and country clubs across the US. Here is what they are saying about the Flag Assist Ball Retrieval System:

“Our members have been really excited about Flag Assist’s receiver cups. The cup itself and the surrounding turf around the hole (on the putting green) hold up for daily play much better vs when we didn’t have the cups. Also, the majority of the members think it’s very convenient to not have to bend over to retrieve the ball each time the ball is holed." - Mike Raschko, PGA, Willamette Valley

“We were pleased with the product last year – It helped our member enjoy the golf course at a difficult time for everyone. It was nice that they were able to putt without the ball bouncing out of the hole.”  - Tom Brodeur, TPC Boston 

“The team at Destination Kohler, including Blackwolf Run and Whistling Straits, have used the Flag Assist products since the beginning of 2020. We were very pleased, as our guests were, with how the product performed on the golf course. The “cups” allowed players to finish holes without touching the flag stick and we found they were much more professional than many other options on the market. In addition, the service from the team was amazing. We will continue using the products on some of our courses as we make our way through and beyond 2021.” - Mike O’Reilly, PGA Golf Ops of Blackwolf Run & Whistling Straits


Receiver Cups

Adjustable receiver cup allows player to retrieve ball without touching the flag pole or cup. This system will also prevent turf damage and increases speed of play. A must have for every golf course!